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Why join the E5?
The Edmonton 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association (E5PBA) is the local affiliate of the Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association (C5PBA). Buying a membership card automatically makes you part of the Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association (A5PBA) and the Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association.

Becoming a member gives you:

• The opportunity to bowl in a variety of member-only tournaments. The C5PBA and E5PBA hold tournaments for all ages and average categories, including those going to a national level:

◦ Edmonton Open
◦ POA Challenge
◦ Youth Challenge

• One free game of bowling a month (courtesy of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of Canada)

• Recognition of high scores through Bowler of the Month, the 400 Club, the E5PBA record book and the Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association awards program

• Awards for rolling a perfect game

• A chance to win some great prizes

In addition to these personal rewards, there are a number of other important reasons to join the C5PBA. Did you know that:

• The C5PBA, and the A5PBA and E5PBA as affiliates, are the bowling groups recognized by the federal and provincial governments as the Sport Governing Bodies for 5 pin bowling. This is important when applying for funding assistance.

• The C5PBA is the group responsible for developing the rules and regulations for 5 pin bowling.

• The C5PBA is also responsible for setting and monitoring the standards and specifications of the sport. Without the 5 Pin there is no association to see that all bowling lanes and equipment meet agreed upon standards (e.g.: sizes and weights of bowling balls, lane length, etc.)

• As a member of the 5 Pin Association you have a voice in your sport. Through a democratic process you get to choose who represents you in the dealings of the sport. You can also make changes happen in things like rules and specifications. It was a single member of the Alberta association who initiated the introduction of personal bowling balls to the sport of 5 pin all across Canada.

• Through its affiliate, the Master Bowlers’ Association, the 5 Pin Association is responsible for the technical aspects of the sport, i.e. instruction and coaching. Without the 5 Pin Association, bowling would not be part of the National Coaching Certification Program… and another area of the sport would go without government funding.

• This technical area is one of the milestones that mean 5 pin bowling is recognized as a sport. Without the 5 Pin Association bowlers are just people throwing balls at pins. With the 5 Pin Association, the game is considered a sport!

• The Alberta and Edmonton associations are made up of bowlers like you who provide thousands of hours of volunteer time to bowling in Alberta every year.

• As a good corporate citizen, the Association is involved in worthwhile ventures like supporting the Kids Help Phone.


The E5PBA also provides support for local Special Olympics programs.

The C5PBA, A5PBA and E5PBA are associations made up of bowlers working with and for bowlers for the betterment of the sport of 5 pin bowling.

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